John’s Fidgeting Creations    



Some people love to fidget whenever they have nothing to do with their hands.  These little gear sets are made to satisfy the need to keep their hands occupied but serve no other purpose.  Some of the first ones shown are 6 inches by 8 inches, however the rest are all on 3.75” by 5” bases.  They fit your hand better than the bigger ones.  The one thing they all do is the gears all mesh and turn for the fidgeter.  These are all destined for sale at a country market.

Photo Gallery

This four gear Fidget is turned by any of the gears - just stick a finger in one of the holes and spin away.

This one is called one-to-four becasue the first gear is almost round with an offset center and it drives a two sided gear which in trun drives a three sided and finally a four sided. The last in the set drives seven small gears.

hie Six sided gear drive six two sided ones and does so in harmony so that they give a nice orderly appearance.

Thie Six sided gear drive six two sided ones and does so in harmony so that they give a nice orderly appearance.

Three sided with foam spokes drives three harmonized gears and like the last gives a very pleasant rotation

This double set of gears counter rotate to give a Moire type of interference pattern. The most challenging part of this Fidget was the the little gear set at the upper right which reverses the rotation of the larger gears.

This Fidget is just for the fun of watching the gears “flop” as they seem to stop and then speed.

Simple Spur gears with the center gear driving six little satelites.

A two to three with damper spokes


The same two to three with circle spokes

Just how many little gears can I get on a fidget? These are eliptical gears.

These are round and nine are possibel

This ratchet works no matter which way you trun the driver.

Looks round but isn’t they are actually four sided or is it five. Hmmm.

Two eliptical gears with the smaller one having an offset .

Two to Three

This set is a lantern and sprocket set. The middle sprocket is very similiar to the sprockets on a bicycle or any chain drive.


The lower gear is a two gear pair with one gear having two less teeth and then the DP adjusted to the same gear diameter. The upper gear then drives both the lower gears and one has to slip relative to the other. It works!

This is another two gear stack with only one tooth difference between them and a smaller drive pinion

An imaginerary set.

Sometimes referred to as an organic gear.

A ratchet set that is driven be the small gear in the upper left. It doesn’t matter which way you turn the drive the ratchet always goes the same way and you can actually just go back and forth for about 190º and the ratchet clicks away.


An eliptical set that has the same interesting motion.

You can see the lager gears are stacked two high and driven by a single pinion - slippage is essential but amazingly smooth.

Just a fun rathet to click away.

Too big for its mounting board - looks like its trying to escape


Foam spokes are always interesting and somewhat unpredictable.

Five elipticals are matched to a pentagonal gear.

Almost round but not quite.

Two to three at its simplest

Some of my fidgets have carved centers instead of spokes

Another wreath type of carving.

A line drawing of a winged dragon.

Snowflake patterns work well for carved centers

Snowflake again. As a change from spokes I decided to carve designes on the main wheel.


A snowflake with more gears than necessary

A horse carved in the center.

A trout fisherman gets a strike.

If the snowflake is hexagonal then why not the gear housing it as well?

Is this a carving or spokes? Its all done with a 1/16” router bit.

The carving on this one is almost all the way through but not quite.

This is a stacked gear with one more tooth on one than the other and every six revolutions (almost) of the drive pinion changes the overlay by one spoke.

These Fidgets are left uncolored as they are planned for children to color.

The strong relief of the carving should make it easy for children.


If the right color combination is used on this one - angels will be brought to life.

There is a line drawing etched into the surface of this gear - it is a Stegasauras.

Something simpler to color for those not inclined in this direction.

The dragon etched on this one is a griffin.

The “foam” spokes on this one aren’t something you will commonly see.

This is a prancing dragon etched into the face of this gear. I’m curious to see how children might handle it.

This one has a Christmas Wreath carved on it. With careful colouring it would look nice.

A tree with 3 “blue” birds is carved in the main wheel.

This is actually a stacked interference pattern. It will take over 90 turns on the lower right driving pinion before the red circles on the top gear overlay perfectly again.


Gearotic somethimes has problems with curved spokes but not this time.

This is a dxf of Bambi that I outlined first and cut a “spokeless” gear.

The outline of Bambi here is quite rough and the area around the graphic has been pocketed.

By using an offset on the outline of the deer I was able to get a really smooth outline.

Originally this one was to be a set of six with each gear having two teeth more than the next and then I decided to mix and match. Finally I made the last in the sequence mate with two gears so the circle is complete.

The dark purple in the big hexagonal gear is pocketed.

The apple is proud and the area out to the spokes is pocketed. By making an enormous boss in the center I got this effect.

It’s Christmas time so I made a little Christmas tree of meshing gears.

The “spokes” are from a dxf carved before the gear. I gave this to my daughter to colour. and here is what she did.


This is a block of gears that all mesh and turning one turns them all.

The first “block of gears” extended over the edges and got caught on things so I scaled it down and did it over. This one words the same as the original

For Christmas I got some “paint pens” they work grat for fidgets.

The center carving is a bird in a cage

This triangualar arranbement has a fiddle carved into it.

This is the Queen’s University mining department logo.

This maple leaf is ready for some artistic soul.

I was having a problem with oval gears so I went backwards on the version of the program and got it working agian.

The Celtic Knot seemed to ask for a square gear so that’s what it got.


I am experimenting with combining 3D models into a single carving. There is a learning curve!!

Sunburst Moon and star

A Tree

Palm Trees in a tray dish

Palm Trees at a fixed depth

Syncing spokes

South Western USA design

Spokes by pericing

Spiral If you follow the spiral you find that this gear actually only has one spoke. This made it way to flexible to be reliable


Flower embossing


Xmas Scene

First successful centrode gear set.  Without a clear "registration" mark you can spent a long time trying to mesh.

Triple centrode set

Featuring Spokes - that is a "spoke sampler"

Ovals driving celtic knot.

This hear is embossed into the gear face.

There are some really attractive “celtic” style patterns that I can put on gears